Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Thermogenic Potential of Citral

Earlier today I was thinking about essential oils that support weight reduction.  In the process of contemplation, my mind went back to last fall when Marc Schreuder, Young Living’s Director of Product Formulation, presented data he had compiled on weight reduction at a seminar in Michigan.
He talked about the thermogenic properties of the molecule citral and revealed that Lemon Myrtle is 90% citral!!
According to Marc’s research, here are the levels of citral found in certain essential oils:
One of the studies he cited expounds on the potential this molecule holds for weight management.  The study used lemongrass essential oil, which is an impressive 80% citral.
In the study, the researchers induced diet related obesity in 50 rats.  Later, they divided the rats into groups: a control group and groups that received varied dosages of a lemongrass oil/ethanol solution.   The three groups of rats that were fed the lemongrass oil all reduced their body mass as well as improved their insulin sensitivity.
I have excerpted some of the key points of the study.  You can read the study in full HERE
Effects of citral, a naturally occurring antiadipogenic molecule, on an energy-intense diet model of obesity
Department of Physiology, Medical College, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Citral-treated groups showed a dose-dependent reduction in body weight gain. They significantly had lower fasting glucose levels, improved glucose tolerance, lower fasting plasma glucose, higher metabolic rate, and smaller adipocytes after drug administration.
The findings suggest that citral increased energy dissipation (and also reduced lipid accumulation) consequently preventing and ameliorating diet-induced obesity. In addition it improved insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. In the current scenario of increasing prevalence of obesity and diabetes, citral may prove as novel agent in its management.
From this data, I have decided to conduct an experiment of my own.  I am going to ingest a two capsules each filled with 10 drops lemongrass and 5 drops lemon myrtle every morning for the next 30 days and see what happens. :)

The study did mention that the antimicrobial effects of citral could lead to diminished gut flora, so I’ll take my capsules in the same was Gary Young instructed us to take Inner Defense.  Take the oils in the morning and probiotics before going to bed.  (“Weed in the morning; Feed at night.”)  Young Living has a great probiotic called Life 5.
If you would like to experiment with Lemon Myrtle and Lemongrass essential oils, please remember that I only recommend Young Living Essential Oils for internal use.  Otherwise, you may not be getting true, therapeutic-grade essential oils that are safe to ingest.
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